The competition is open to everyone. Take part on your own or in a team (up to 3 people).


Choose your category, «Pro*» or «Amateur » depending on your profile. Then choose your sport: Skiing, Snowboarding or Cross Over (any other riding sport or skiing/snowboarding film or video combining skiing and snowboarding).
For the new season, we have created the «Girls» category. To take part, the actors in the film must be exclusively girls. When entering, you must tick the « Girls » box.
The pro category is limited to adults aged over 18.


The riding and mountain scenes must be shot exclusively in the Les Arcs ski area. Trips to Paradiski will be accepted. «Non riding» scenes may be shot elsewhere than in Les Arcs. Scenarios are free; creativity and originality will be rewarded. Every video will be examined. Films that contain scenes that are violent, racist, defamatory, of a sexual nature or advocate the use of drugs will be automatically rejected.

Format & loading

You film must not exceed 2 minutes. The competition’s video integration system accepts the majority of formats (.avi, .mov, .mp4...). The optimum resolution is 16/9 (1.78:1 or in HD for example: 1280 x 720px). In other cases, there is a risk that your video will be distorted by the system. After loading, your film will be published within 24 hrs; you will be notified by e-mail that it has been put on line. Entries for videos will close on Saturday 30 March 2014.

Selection & promotion of your film

Promote your productions by sharing your video’s link on the ARtCamS page. Internet users will give marks to choose the best 2 videos per category and per sport for the final. The marks will take effect from 50 voters or 20 Facebook «likes». At the end of the competition (30 March 2014), the averages will be taken to identify the finalists. In the event of a tie, the number of voters will be the deciding factor.

The final

The 13 videos in the final will be screened in Les Arcs before a jury made up of professionals, who will choose the winners and hand out the prizes.
  • - For the «Pro» winners, Freefall jump + Drift cameras
  • - For the «Amateur» winners, lift passes, ski/snowboard equipment and video.

To your cams. !!!

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Funi Duncan

By : 0032 space 73700
The 31/03/2014
455 Voters

Niki Salencon Killing Les Arc 1600

By : Niki Salencon
The 31/03/2014
559 Voters

Vends moi du rêve !!

By : Toche
The 31/03/2014
41 Voters

Last Minute Edit Les Arcs Session

The 31/03/2014
797 Voters

Home Run

By : Francois Bon
The 31/03/2014
22 Voters


The 31/03/2014
34 Voters

Le Temps d'un Week-end

By : Shred the Rebloch'
The 31/03/2014
158 Voters

Tic et Tac tirent à l'arc

By : promotion snowpark
The 31/03/2014
192 Voters

Du lundi au vendredi entre amis

By : promotion snowpark
The 31/03/2014
476 Voters

Les T'arc'teries

By : Lélé et Yourtine
The 28/03/2014
355 Voters

The Arcstistes

By : Les ARCS AmateursRidersandCo en Ski
The 28/03/2014
305 Voters

Sunny Laps at Les Arcs

By : BenjUCa
The 28/03/2014
786 Voters
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